Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Burning a tea bag cool experiment

Kia Ora Whanau,

Last Week Tuesday Mr Timo showed us a cool experiment at writing time which was the burning teabag. First we lined up at the door and walked queitly through the corridor to the to the jornal room and sat on the carpet here's a photo of Mr Timo  telling us to be quiet. (😡)
What do we need? 

We need....

Dilmah teabag
Plate or something that doesn't burn
A adult to supervise

Step One: Cut of the top of the teabag. (Tip: Cut the at the staple and lift the strin

Step Two: Empty the tea seeds on to a paper or cardboard make sure to not make a big mess.

Step Three: Use your fingers to shape the teabag into a cylinder shape.

Step Four: Place the teabag so that it is standing up on the plate.

Step Five: Carefully light a match and light the top of the teabag cylinder on fire.watch patiently as the teabag burns.
And prepare to be amazed!!!
CAUTION: DONT blow on it or it will go on fire!!
Here's another photo of our materials⬇️

By: Angele and Angela

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